TC 106- Picharchitects. Architecture

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This monograph includes the architectural production of the equipment Picharchitects made in the period between 2005 and 2012.

The study founded by Felipe Pich-Aguilera Baurier and Teresa Batlle Pagès, later incorporated as partners the architects Margherita Aricó, Pau Casaldáliga, Ute Müncheberg and Jordi París.

Author Picharchitects
Collection  TC Cuadernos, 2012
Pages  170
Language Spanish, English
Format 21 x 29,5 cm,  soft cover

"The architecture is in itself, the construction of an interior climate that must provide conditions adjusted to the needs of our habitability; we could conceive it as a bioclimatic envelope that filters and manages the natural conditions to obtain a new and comfortable balance. The bioclimatic dimension of the building is, by force, a transversal work where multiple disciplines intervene in close complicity; architects with engineers, also biologists or physicists, which interact, from the complexity, the climatology, the environment, the natural resources (sun, air, materials, water, vegetation, waste), with the purpose of forming spaces and defining systems (construction, installations, production,...), from a responsibility that tends towards sustainability".



005 _ “Sustainability is part of the architectural impulse”
Cesar Ruiz-Larrea looks into the office’s ideology

007 _ Conversation between Manel Gausa and Jordi Paris

013 _Instrumental Map

014 _Telefonica Mobiles Building. Toledo

026 _Scientific Technological Agroalimentary Park. “PCiTAL Gardeny”. Lerida

038 _Universtiy Hospital Sant Joan, Reus. Tarragona

054 _Office Building 22@. Barcelona

062 _Swimmingpool Pco-3 “Trevol”. Lerida

068 _Project of Social Housing. Vitoria

078 _ “Fort Pienc” School. Barcelona

088 _ “Los Arenales” School, El Casar. Guadalajara

098 _ Renting Social Housing “Le Bois Habite”. Saint Jacques de la Lande, Rennes. Francia

106 _Audiovisual Center “Magical”, El Gardeny. Lérida

116 _Multifuntional Building “Fondo”. Santa Coloma de Gramanet. Barcelona.

126 _Social Community Center, San Bernabé. Monterrey. Mexico

134 _ “Blue Horizon” Hotel, Yantai. China

142 _ “Sustainable Besos” Neighborhood. Barcelona

150 _Competition for the “Palacio de la Música de Congresos y Exposiciones”. Vitoria

156 _Contest for the Transformation of the old “Fabra i Coats” Factory into a Social Housing. Barcelona

160 _ EXPO2014 Quingdao Landmark. China

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