Panela Residential Complex

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João Álvaro Rocha

Location: Coimbra, Portugal
Date: 2008
Photography: Luís Ferreira Alves

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The operation is located in an area whose topography is marked by quite pronounced slopes, situated at the outskirts of the town, in a transition zone, showing characteristic features of the urban periphery where the tension between green zones and built spaces, public and private spaces, is assumed to be the central focus of composition.

The implantation of the building, resembling the castle of the town, defines an enclosure, but unlike that type of defensive structure, it penetrates into the land, thus allowing space for collective use that forms part of the land and is expressed as topography.

The building consists of three floors, enclosed by the galleries of access and distribution which are situated between the “terrain” and the dwellings. Thus they constitute open spaces, covered, lighted and ventilated that function as “buffer” between the “terrain” and the living space.

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