Jellyfish House

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Wiel Arets

Location: Marbella, Málaga
Date: 2013
Photography: Jan Bitter

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This vacation house is located on a site close to the beach, where the view to the ocean is blocked at the ground level by a neighboring building. The swimming pool is lifted to the roof, where it is cantilevered out as an extension of the roof terrace, providing panoramic views.

The house is organized around three movement paths; the main entrance, the path from the beach to the roof, and the entrance for guests. Public and private programs overlap throughout the house, taking full advantage of indoor-outdoor living.

The public spaces of the house, such as the living and dining rooms, and the private spaces of the house, such as the bedrooms, are connected by separate but intertwining circulation routes.
The house provides possibilities for voyeuristic experiences in other ways as well, such as the window in the bottom of the pool that allows those on the covered terrace below to see who is swimming, and a jellyfish-filled aquarium in the wall of the pool that allows those swimming to see who is in the kitchen.

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