Tetris Extension of the College of Genolier

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Ipas architectes
Locatión: Chemin de la Brégantenaz, Genolier. Suiza
Date: 2007
Photography: Thomas Jantscher

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The ESGE complex meets the needs of a group of five communes in the Nyon district. In January 2002 it was decided to progressively transfer the students to the new expanded structure of Genolier, this extension being the subject of an open architecture competition.
The program consists of: classrooms: 10; special classrooms: 9; Gym and changing rooms / Existing rooms to be modified. The closed walkway connecting the new school to the old building was planned after the competition.
At the crossroads of planned deforestation, a unique opportunity is emerging:
- Imagine our children, perched in the wild beauty of the vegetation, to the point of sprouting into the vertigo that the ascension of their knowledge seeks. A place on the margins of everything, between heaven and earth, where nothing else reigns than the implacable beauty of a diaphanous light colored green, the reassuring murmur of plants shaken by the wind, an enveloping environment for its serenity in harmony with the idea that we can make ourselves of a place of learning.
- Imagine a school whose art is inspired by the aesthetics of the forest. A beauty that reproduces a musical symphony to the rhythm of chance and repetition; to catch, play, live with the emotions that nature gives us.
The building is discreetly discovered because it dialogues with nature; Out of respect for the latter, out of modesty, its footprint on the ground is minimal: consequently deforestation is reduced, excavation also.

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