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TA 18- Collective Housing - Amann- Canovas- Maruri

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Unlike so many contemporary discourses, clouded by the argumentative overabundance and weighed down by the disconnect between theory and practice, Amann Cánovas Maruri (ACM) exercises true transparency as an attitude: they say what they do and do what they say. Nothing else, but nothing less.

  From here, it is easy to dare to unravel some of the underlying clues in the set of housing projects and works that this publication presents, since it will be the works themselves that reveal their intentions in an axiomatic way. Works and projects that, like their authors, demonstrate the increasingly undeniable need to talk about architecture again from the point of view of demonstrating hypotheses in a factual way, on the ground, these demonstrations away from the fulfillment of abstract paradigms and verified exclusively by the transparency evidenced in the use and performance, social and urban, of each building. (…)

Collection  Temas de Arquitectura, 2015
Pages 202
Language Spanish, English
Format 24 x 28,5 cm,  soft cover

Amann Cánovas Maruri: five attitudes and one exemplary case
Jacobo García-Germán

Places without a name. Dignity, habitability and sustainability, sociability and hedonism
Atxu Amann - Andrés Cánovas - Nicolás Maruri

82 flats in Carabanchel. Madrid, Spain

The public face of privacy
David Cohn

Forum Habitat-Sustainable Competition: Residential Building “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles” 11.
Madrid, Spain

Housing competition in Cadiz. Spain

The tactics. The context from the standpoint of shape
Atxu Amann - Andrés Cánovas - Nicolás Maruri

Housing in Hilarion Eslava street. Madrid, Spain
Residential building in “Muralla del Mar” Cartagena. Murcia, Spain

The intermediate space
Atxu Amann - Andrés Cánovas - Nicolás Maruri

151 Flats in Mieres. Asturias, Spain
16 Subsidized housing in Lorqui. Murcia, Spain

Combining Living Spaces
Juan Miguel Hernández León

Objects and systems
Atxu Amann - Andrés Cánovas - Nicolás Maruri

Housing competition in Quartier du Kiem, Luxembourg

Project for 90 housing units in Quartier du Kiem, Luxembourg
61 Subsidized Housing in Coslada. Madrid, Spain

International competition for a housing scheme and a nursery school in Munich, Germany

Internalizing outside areas
Juan Pedro Sanz de Alarcón

10 Housing units in Aravaca. Madrid, Spain
38 housing units in “Los Altos del Cantal” of Mojacar. Almeria, Spain

Housing competition in Lorca. Murcia, Spain
Competition for 25 subsidized housing units in Torre Pacheco. Murcia, Spain

From community capsules to shared intervals. The search of the post-public space in the housing developments by ACM
Esperanza Campaña · Gustavo Rojas

118 Subsidized flats, offices, commercial spaces and garage in Coslada. Madrid, Spain

Competition for a housing scheme and public space in Aarau, Switzerland
International workshop Urban Living. New forms of urban living in Berlin, Germany
Forum Habitat-Sustainable Competition: Residential Building “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles” 12. Madrid, Spain

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