House in Montedor

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João Álvaro Rocha

Location: Carreço, Viana do Castelo. Portugal
Date: 2006
Photography: Luís Ferreira Alves

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As had already happened over ten years ago and in a relatively close location, this is also a house that wants to see the sea... But history cannot, and must not, be repeated. This house no longer wants to be expressed like a huge “window “that frames the vastness of the landscape. On the contrary, it seeks to make fast “parts” of this landscape, converting each one of them into the “landscape” specific for each compartment. It is about, now, not wanting to affirm the extent of a horizon, but rather to set a distance, so that in this way a scale can be defined.

In this impossible confrontation, the house must refer almost exclusively to its “location”, eliminating any picturesque gesture whatsoever, so that its presence becomes as “natural” as the old granite walls that delimit the land.

Just as before, and without history repeating, all the rest is to be simple and direct, in fact as has always occurred with the architecture that has come to be built in these places. Because this is a house that wants, scarcely and only, to see the sea. 

Maia, August 2007

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