Nuevo Instituto de Enseñanza Obligatoria de 12 unidades

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MGM Arquitectos
Location: Galisteo, Cáceres
Date: 2005-2006
Photography: Jesús Granada

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The Extremadura regional government announced a contest to build an institute in the expansion area of Galisteo, a village of just 1200 inhabitants in the province of Caceres, with a prominent Almohad-style wall surrounding its historic center. The site is located on a hill next to a small set of industrial buildings.

The building accommodates itself to the existing slope, folding and stretching itself to find its own place and build its own topography. To do this, the construction generates its own open spaces, differentiated recreational courtyards and sports facilities, in order to use them to search for the best sunlight (classrooms to the north and access galleries to the south) and panoramic views towards the village of Galisteo. The project is primarily developed on the lowest level of the site which requires that the uneven ground towards its east facade be contained in order for the building to unfold and open itself to the side street, located on its west side, where the main entrance to building resides. This not only implies a humanization of the street, but also that we can in this way control the volume of the building, which does not exceed a height of 7.20 metres, finally creating a design that blends into its surroundings and is pleasing not only to the town of Galisteo but also to its own users.
The project develops its program in three different packets, divided by location and purpose: There is a general administration and faculty area, a classroom and workshop area, and a sports area. A covered corridor through the building from north to south connects all these functional packets.

In the far north, the sports area is situated at a distance in order to preserve the rest of the building from the noise, but by no means is it less connected: an entrance is created for the whole sports area to operate independently from the rest of the school during the weekends.

The classrooms and workshops packet is associated with courtyards, light sources and silence during school hours. These courtyards are related to the landscape by means of a discontinuous enclosure consisting of galvanized steel parts, which renders it both a protective enclosure of the building and a lookout towards the village of Galisteo. The general administration and faculty packet is situated on the upper level, near the main entrance of the institute, set against the ground and illuminated and ventilated on the same level.

This location allows visits from outside the school without the need to cross areas reserved for students and teachers, so as not to interfere with the normal functioning of the teaching area. The classrooms and workshops have had a privileged treatment in the overall orientation of the project. Their northern orientation not only prevents glare but also the arrangement of the classrooms allows sunlight to enter the courtyard through the left side.

Access to the classrooms is made through a corridor, strongly connected to the courtyards since this space is meant as a place of leisure in the breaks between classes. To avoid excessive noise pollution coming into the classrooms, a thick separation wall has been installed which houses the student lockers.

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