Asprosub Occupational Center. Morales del Vino. Zamora.

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De Lapuerta + Asensio Arquitectos
Location: Morales del Vino. Zamora
Date: 2005

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The ASPROSUB association called us 8 years after our fi rst project for the Home. This time there was a fl at allotment, wheatfields everywhere and an entrance road. Opposite, regular greenhouses, precise in a way that could only have been designed by an engineer, where the handicapped kids grow fl owers to sell – the “crown jewels” of the employment programme. While the gesture responded to the scale of the landscape and the vicinity, there was no room for anecdotes. 10, 5,10, 5, 10, 5, 10. The 5 served the 10. Pre-stressed in two sizes. Flat but ventilated roof.

Aluminium everywhere, in the louvers, the sheet metal, the perforated panels and the angles. Paloma did an accurate job. Display cases line the central backbone, the “snack corridor”, where the work done in each workshop is on display while also acting as a transparent foreground for the backdrop of the landscape. To the north and the workshops, loading bays, frame-windows overlooking the wheatfields and ventilation grates. To the south, overlooking the greenhouses and the road, are the classrooms, large boxes providing shelter from the direct sun, like porches, personalised by the colour, for sitting in a wicker chair and watching the action from the comfort of home.

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