Mestral Early Childhood and Primary School. Benidoleig. Alicante

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CB Arquitectes Associats. Agustín Malonda Albero
Localización: Benidoleig, Alicante
Fecha: 2006 - 2009
Fotografía: Diego Opazo

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Due to its location, the land took the shape of a big terrace, or of a slightly horizontal level emerging from the slopes of the mountainside, over which the units of the new building would lay. If the conditions for optimising the views at this site were favourable, then so were the environmental conditions and the landscape integration as well. Indeed, the “location” of the grounds was ideal, although they had some variables regarding their “surroundings” which required special attention in this project. They had to do with the definition of the perimeter limits of the grounds and with their particular topographical characteristics, as the two longer sides of the grounds were very different in floor level: the side laying on the mountainside (southwest) and the opposite one (northeast), laying on the town’s sports centre. With this in mind, and fitting the important units intended for the sports track and courts for pilota valenciana (a traditional handball sport played in the Valencian region) as the priority, the building nestled between them and the existing hall on one side of the grounds.

It was designed as an S-shaped prismatic piece with three orthogonal bodies, the height of which depended on the direction of the mountainside slope so that the main body, corresponding to the primary education unit, was the highest. On the opposite wing, where the infant school education unit is situated, the block lies on the grounds, fitting the uneveness of the land or platforms of the outdoor spaces around it. The result is a building with a compact volume, the façades of which, however, face the wide views of the grounds. The general appearance of the building, from a distance, is of a smooth grey concrete base, made of a 15-cm thick wall which anchors the building to the floor and which, at the level of the windows of the ground floor, leads to a bright orange-coloured surface containing a series of almost identical hollows. As a contrast, the dark grey lacquered aluminium millwork, divided into thirds, is protected by a white blind, a roller blind under the midday sun.

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