ZIPPED – Space in small Japanese houses

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ZIPPED. Space in small Japanese houses is a book about space in a collection of small single family houses designed by independent architects in residential sectors of the main Japanese cities during the first years of the 21st century. 

The meticulous task of selecting, collecting, systematizing and redrawing these 80 house designs subject to extremely strict restrictions not only demonstrates the ability of contemporary Japanese architects to devise small residential programs but also reveals their amazing skills for scale, limit and distance manipulation, and immerses us in the infinite interior.

Author: Bernardo Martín
352 Pages
Spanish, English
23x 29,5 cm
Soft cover
ISBN: 978-84-948240-8-1

Alts Design Office
Kofunaki House

Atelier Hitoshi Abe
Kado House
House 9 Tsubo

Celosía House
Mur House
Nid House
Ola House

Arbol Design
House in Nishimikuni
House in Otori

Alphaville Architects
House Dug in the Sky
Hall 1 House
Folded House
New House in Kyoto

Fuse Atelier
House in Abiko
House in Hirata
House in Kaijin
House in Mizue
House in Natsumi
House in Tsudanuma

Fujiwaramuro Architects
House in Hakusan
House in Minami-Tanabe
House in Goido
House in Showa-cho

Hiroyuki Fukuyama
House A

International Royal Architecture
KKZ House

Jun Igarashi
House Four Rectangles
Hat House H
Polyphonic House
Low Reticulated Beam Rectangle House

Keiji Ashizawa
House 11 Boxes

Kochi Architect’s Studio
House 47%
Amida House
Apartment House
Studio KCH House

Kimihiko Okada
House in Kujyukuri
Todo House

Katsutoshi Sasaki + As
House in Kasamatsu
Imai House
Koro House
House in Ogaki

Mamm Design
Minna No Ie
Ondo House

Makiko Tsukada
Lawn Cave House
Kondo House
Kozuki House
Sukima House
Tunnel House

House for ceramic festival

Shogo Aratani
House in Matsuyacho
Krampon House

Suppose Design Office
House in Fukawa
House in Hiro
House in Kokubunji
House in Moriyama

Sou Fujimoto
House H
K House
House N
NA House

Shinsuke Fujii
House Bookcase
Mirador House

Shuji Fujita
House in Yokkaichi

Tato Architects
House in Futako
House in Itami
House in Miyamoto
House in Toyonaka

Takeshi Hosaka
House in Byoubugaura
Natural Light House
House Inside-Outside
House Outside-Inside

Taichi Mitsuya & Associates
House in Kawasaki

House in Megurohoncho

Yuua Architects
1.80 m wide house

 Yamazaki Kentaro
Garden House
House in Kashiwa

Yuusuke Karasawa
House S
Villa Kanousan

Yasuhiro Yamashita Atelier Tekuto
Capas House
Magritte’s House
R-Torso-C House
Mineral Reflection House

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