Municipal Funeral Parlor of Terrassa Jordi Badia

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Jordi Badia
Location: Terrassa, Barcelona
Date: 2000 - 2001
Photography: Eugeni Pons

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The piece is conceived as an elemental white prism that is gently deposited on the site, fleeing from the traditional opaque image of this type of building and opening through a porch to the outside in a gesture of open arms.

The topography of the place is slightly sloping and the building, while maintaining its horizontal level, does not reach the ground, almost as if in symbolic reference to its use the dead were levitating halfway between the earth and the sky, about to undertake the trip. This gesture allows the administrative program to be placed under the main floor, separated from the rest of the program and open to a private patio with direct access to the promenade via an external staircase. The program is structured around a water patio that separates and organizes the three main packages: the vigil rooms, the oratory and the cafeteria-bar. In this way, the passage between two pieces is always carried out through this intermediate space that acts as a decompression chamber.

The visiting rooms are grouped linearly, attached to a longitudinal hall open to the porch, and illuminated by patios. The oratory, a place for prayer, takes on a higher height than the rest of the building, and presents a pure white image, in contrast to the baroque darkness of this type of space, taking as inspiration the images burned with the that the sky is depicted in certain classic movies. To access it, you must cross a wooden walkway over the water.

Inside the only possible vision of the outside is that of the sky. A lighting from small low-voltage bulbs evokes the usual candle lighting of churches.

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