Municipal Funeral Parlor of Leon, Spain

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Jordi Badia y Josep Val
Location: Eras de Renueva, León
Date: 1999 - 2000
Photography: Eugeni Pons

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The building is posed as a tomb of graves. A completely buried piece that eludes its volume and meaning in order to be camouflaged in the interstices of a too close residential area.
A sheet of water as a cover becomes its only façade and reflects the sky of León as an allegory of death. Only mysterious fingers appear from the water in search of light for prayer. The access, ritualized by a large ramp that is buried little by little, ends in an image of the sky that is ajar enough to let us pass.
Once the threshold is crossed, the design of the main hall structure transmits the entire weight of the slab and the infinite thickness of its perimeter. Some patios sponge and illuminate. From the vigil rooms the only possible view of the outside is that of the sky. The building has been made entirely of concrete, the only possible material to build a grave. The chosen color refers us to the Boñar stone with which the entire city is built.
Inside, a sheet of iroko wood folds over itself to separate the main hall from the vigil rooms. Scraps of black stain the building, like the bracelet that expresses the mourning and sadness of the visitors.

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