Eixample BCN Rehabilitation Studio, Barcelona

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Roldán + Berengué Arquitectes
Location: Barcelona
Date: 2006
Photography: Melissa Bauld, David Morris

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Interior design of an old commercial site into a new studio for R+B

The building was constructed in 1872 in the town of Cerdà on a rectangular plot owned by a family in the textile sector and was the first unit on the block. In the original plans lodged at the municipal office one can see the outline of the building traced over the hypothetical extension of Cerdá together with detailed descriptions of the streams and trees to be situated on the future block in this widening town.

The space is a perfect rectangle 15 meters long by 35m wide and 3.70m high, with the street facade oriented towards the blue light from the northwest. At the gap of the interior facade, the golden light of noon is multiplied by the palette of colours from the windows of the gallery in orange, yellow and blue. The ceiling and floor are considered as a single sequence of carpets and canopies. The result is a stage built with a dosage of solidity, darkness, depth, height, collection, density and detail. The floors have been restored with some fragments being reconstructed. We tried to minimize any new interventions by using materials such as wood or metal that was almost untreated.

The walls are perceived in a fragmented form as a series of rooms linked by a path but with independence of position and shape. On the vertical planes we have concentrated the intervention on creating perforations and thresholds and diagonally joining together rooms that were not connected in the old distribution. The result is a relation of dwellings that, while keeping the original structure of the building, are linked visually by new branches such as one would experience when travelling inside a dense sponge. Several of the ceilings retain original paintings dating from the time of the second renovation in 1909.

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