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Scenarios for life 2005-2017

This monograph brings together in 224 pages the most significant works carried out by Valencian architect Fran Silvestre, from the founding of his studio to the present day. 

It includes his main works of isolated dwellings such as the already well-known House on the Cliff, the Balint House or the House among the Pine Forest, all of which are brought together and well presented at the floor plan level for the first time in this volume. Apart from his works in the field of housing, his careful and outstanding interior and rehabilitation works are also included, along with others of a larger scale, a direction in which this young studio is also beginning to move.

The work of Fran Silvestre is characterized by the pursuit of weightlessness and spatial continuity through bold and innovative structural solutions. Using an abstract language of simple geometric forms, he creates open spaces where he plays with the relationship between solids and voids, the full and the empty. His projects stem from a meticulous reading of the context to which they respond with functional precision, in a systematized creative process that aspires to efficient beauty. 

The lack of color in his works, usually white, does not respond to a stylistic choice but arises from the search for formal homogeneity and spatial continuity. The white emerges from the project, it does not cover it, integrating facilities and impurities into smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. His references are Siza, from whom he takes the spatial analysis, and the sculptor Alfaro, whose form he reinvents to make it inhabitable. From both he acquires an attitude towards work based on the precise articulation of all phases of the creative process.

Pages 224
Language  Spanish, English
Format 23 x 29,5, soft cover
ISBN 978-84-947421-6-3


The renowned architecture critic David Cohn describes in the prologue all the points of his architecture.

"Fran Silvestre's designs are not simply solutions to given design problems. They absorb and synthesize the innumerable problems of program, place and context, structure, building technologies and so on, subsuming them into the play of space and form that could be understood as the true protagonist of his architecture."


Solid and void
David Cohn

Atrium House in Godella, Valencia. Spain
House on Mountainside Overlooked by Castle in Ayora. Valencia. Spain
House on Cliffside in Calpe, Alicante. Spain
Aluminum House in Madrid. Spain
Balint House in Betera, Valencia. Spain
House between the pine forest in Valencia. Spain
Guest Pavilion in Valencia. Spain
Breeze House in Castellón. Spain
Hofmann House in Rocafort, Valencia. Spain
House in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. California. USA
House of the Seven Gardens in Sotogrande, Cádiz. Spain
Zarid House in Tarifa, Cádiz. Spain

Arts Centre and Auditorium In Alfafar, Valencia. Spain
Eólica | Wind Tower, Valencia. Spain
Mondraker Headquarters in Elche, Alicante. Spain

1905 Office Building in Valencia. Spain
Petra. The Stone Atelier in Valencia. Spain
ARV Offices in Valencia. Spain
Blanc. Showroom L'Antic Colonial, Grupo Porcelanosa in Villarreal, Castellón. Spain
Wine Shop Vegamar Selección in Valencia. Spain

Canopy in Villarreal, Castellón. Spain
Gandía Blasco Collection
Alis Collection
Capdell Collection

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