Can Framis Barcelona Jordi Badía

Can Framis Museum. Barcelona

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Jordi Badía - BAAS Arquitectura

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2009

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The contemporary intervention consists of cauterising the wound by consolidating the headwalls and constructing a new building that connects the two existing old factory buildings, dovetailing these in turn with the layout of another former warehouse building. In this way, the three buildings form a courtyard that becomes the vestibule of the future museum and a space for multipurpose activities.

The old neighbourhood of El Poblenou, the productive engine of the city of Barcelona, was constructed mainly of industrial structures without any architectural interest. The few exceptions that the heritage catalogue decided to preserve can create a mistaken image of what this place was like. The reality is that most of the constructions were very precarious, with no interest other than being merely productive and built through a continuous process of additions with very heterogeneous construction techniques. Can Framis may be an example of this type of construction, and the intention is not to hide the texture of its old and deteriorated skin, which acts as a contrast with the high technology exhibited in its surroundings.

All the modifications are carried out with coarse concrete that blends in with the paving. A layer of grey paint protects the existing walls, allowing us to see their texture (brick, stone, arches, old window scars, etc.), forming a contemporary collage of textures, holes and walls that reflects the different layers and interventions that the building has suffered over time.

The garden highlights the unusual height where the museum was located, a metre and a half below the level of the Cerdà plot, the product of its previous implantation, and rises on its boundaries to hide the road traffic. The ivy, which will cover the entire ground, and the white poplars will offer an image of melancholy and decay that will enhance the contrast with the fresh aroma of the surroundings.

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