L’Atlantida Municipal Cultural Complex. Vic, Barcelona. Spain

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Josep Llinás

Location: Vic, Barcelona
Date: 2010
Photography: Duccio Malagamba

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The cultural complex "L'Atlantida", actually a grouping of buildings, theater, auditorium, music school and restaurant, of very different sizes, is organized as a unit by means of a complex roof that gathers all uses together, from the vast height of the stage area (in relation to the profile of Vic) to the small scale of the music rooms. This roof allows for the distances between the buildings to be characterized as public spaces of access to the facilities, but also of an urban connection, and to enter into the scale of the historic part of the town.

The axis that forms the backbone of accesses and, at the same time, crosses the complex and connects the old part of town with the new, originates in a promenade built on the courtyard of the old music school (now the library and administration of the school) and leads to the park connected to the Meder River. During the design process, a mismatch was detected, which almost could have happened to a tailor, between the roof and the parts to be covered. Finding the appropriate measure (the final solution was the removal of a portion of the roof to make room for a planned patio in the general foyer).

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