Regarding COVID-19, digital content in advance

After all the exceptional measures being taken because of COVID-19, we would like to inform you that our online store will remain operational, taking all internal measures and recommendations in account to minimize any risk. We will continue to perform the rest of our activities from home.

If given the situation, we were not able to accomplish our current delivery deadlines between 24h-72h, we will send you part of the content of your order in advance digitally for free, while it arrives, so that you can start enjoying it.

We will inform you of any changes, and, as always, we will continue to respond to your comments or requests by email:, and phone at 963950443 / 680782961.

We want to do our part to make this necessary time of confinement as pleasant and productive as possible.

For everyone who wants it, we make the following content available for free

En Blanco 24- Stanton Williams


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